Recycling for Charity enables government agencies, businesses and private households to dispose of information technology (IT) waste responsibly and securely.

Our Security Policy

Ensuring the secure destruction and protecting the privacy of organisations is crucial. All destruction is completed in compliance with NZISM and GCSB procedures, using US Department of Defence 5520.22M or NIST-800-88 standards data wipe method. This ensures that data cannot be recovered and therefore protecting the privacy of the organisation. We can provide a certificate of destruction where required.

We also provide asset tag management where tags are removed on arrival at Recycling for Charity.

Solutions for businesses

When new technology systems are introduced organisations are often faced with the challenge of how to dispose of obsolete computers, servers, mobile devices and other equipment. Recycling for Charity provides a solution that not only ensures that intellectual property and confidential information stored on IT systems are protected but are also disposed of responsibly.

Our Service

Recycling for Charity facilitates the removal of existing technology systems, paving the way for new infrastructure to be introduced. Our service can include the collection of obsolete equipment and the destruction of hard drives.

Our service can include collecting and decommissioning equipment and destruction of sensitive information systems as per our security policy. All we ask in return is that you support Recycling for Charity by donating your obsolete equipment and encourage your employees to do the same.

To get a cost for collecting items please contact us.

Items that can be recycled include circuit boards, computers, server infrastructure, servers, laptops, mobile phones, tablets, switches, modems/ routers, power adapters, power cables, USB cables, VGA cables, mice, keyboards, LCD screens, USB batteries and USB units. We accept both working and non-functional items. We do not accept CRT monitors. All items are held in a secure, undisclosed location.

All IT equipment is refurbished, broken down into commodities, or recycled.

What we Recycle


  • PCs / Laptops
  • Apple – iMacs, MacBooks and Macintoshes etc.
  • Tablets, iPads
  • Servers
  • Server Infrastructure


  • Switches
  • Routers/Modems
  • Keyboards, Mice
  • LCD Screens
  • UPSs
  • Cell Phones


  • Motherboards
  • CPUs, HDDs, PSUs
  • Video Cards
  • Memory/RAM
  • Computer Cables
  • Ink/Photocopier Cartridges

Gaming Consoles

  • Playstation
  • Xbox
  • Nintendo
  • Sega
  • Atari

Old Computers

  • Commodore 64
  • Vector
  • Atari
  • Amstrad
  • Sinclair ZX Spectrum
  • Amiga
  • Franklin

Household Appliances

  • Heatpumps
  • Dehumidifiers
  • DVD Players
  • Toasters
  • Electric Jugs
  • Vaccum Cleaners
  • Microwaves
  • VCR Players
  • Stereos
  • Video Projectors
  • Cameras
  • Electric Frypans
  • Deep Fryers
  • Water Blasters
  • Lawn Mowers
  • Leaf Blowers
  • Weedeaters 

For a small fee we can also Recycle

Printer/Scanners, CRT Tube TVs and Microwaves.

Products we CAN’T recycle

We are not able to recycle any Whiteware appliances, such as fridges, ovens, washing machines or clothes dryers. Email us so we can put you in touch with the people who can.